axle, tires, and, uh, surfboard F/S

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    im still tryin to sell all this crap, and no one is buying any of it! anyway, to consolidate all this into one post....

    hi-pinion dana 60 front axle out of a 1979 F-350, 3.54 gears, no calipers. askin $900

    four 285/75/R16 Regul trailblazer M/Ts - 50% worn, $100 obo gets em

    6'1 lost enterprises performance shortboard. its gone one small ding up by the nose, comes with FCS G5 fins, X-trak trac pad, and a OAM leash $300 obo or PM me here

    i can ship this stuff, but it'd be a hell of a lot cheaper to come get it yourself. the axle is in wilmington, NC, and the board and tires are in shallotte, NC.

    thanks, john

    oh, and i hope the surfboard part isnt too off-topic, i am selling truck stuff too /forums/images/graemlins/ignore.gif

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