bad week for my blazer.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by o2bjimmy, Mar 17, 2005.

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    Last weekend while pulling away from a stoplight I heard all kinds of funny noises coming from my rear diff. I pulled into the turning lane (big mistake in hindsight) to see what went wrong. When I finally came to the conclusion that my blazer was a little ill I realized I was going to miss work. I was apparently making everyone in the growing line of cars behind me for work too. I got towed out to a friends shop after calling the boss saying I wouldnt be in that day (he still thinks I was just too hung over to work) I ended up changing the whole rear axle. Much easier I thought. But I got it fixed and all was well till today. Today at the same stoplight I noticed an obscene amount of smoke coming from under my hood. I once again pull into the turning lane, left the motor running and got out to see what was wrong. Oil was shooting everywhere. I blew out the rear main seal. Today I was able to hobble it out of the turning lane (to the relief of the same growing line of cars behind me once again)and too a gas station. When I was at the payphone some guy came up and handed me a card and said "2 times this last week ive gotten stuck behind you, Ill get you a good deal on a new truck" He works at McKey Ford. I told him I drive Blazers, not broncos. Now Im at home willing my blazer to fix itself.

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    sounds like a rough week my friend:blush: . my only advise to you is always move up in the fixes like go better like brand name gaskets and such but thats just my 2 cents and at least after you fix something you know it will be fine for another couple of years:cool1:

    89 blazer/350/700r4/241
    10 bolts alburn posi in rear/removed front sway bar:D
    tbi spacer and k&n filter with 3 inch single exhast soon to have heddman headers:pimp1:

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