BB05 ARB Locker Special

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    ARB thought BB05 would be a good time to get us a deal on 14FF AirLockers so here's the scoop.
    ORD BlazerBash ‘05 ARB Air Locker Special
    14 bolt Full Float 10.5 Air Locker: $750
    (reg price $854)
    D60 35 spline Air Locker: $750
    (reg price $854)
    Old Style Large Air Compressor: $191
    (reg price $225)
    New Style Locker Only Air Compressor: $127.50
    (reg price $149)

    Need a ARB Locker for another application? Let us know, we’ll make a deal.

    Sweet Deals on ARB Freezer Fridge:
    33qt: $590 (reg price $640)
    42qt: $650 (reg price $709)
    63qt: $870 (reg price $945)
    Keep Ice Cream in Moab! Or anywhere else for that matter.

    Prices good at Blazer Bash ’05 or call ORD till Wednesday OCT 5, ’05 so you better GIT AWN IT!

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