BDS 4" front lift springs

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by sled_dog, Mar 21, 2004.

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    BDS 4\" front lift springs

    Decided to switch to 52" rear springs in the front so the BDS springs are of no use to me. They have greasable bushings installed in both ends from ORD. So if you have stock front shackles you will have to drill them out for the bigger bolt or get ORD shackles, I'm sure Doc Watson would sell you an ORD shackle kit without the one set of bushings since the springs come with them. Springs themselves were a little over $210 shipped so I'm looking to get 220+ shipping here. Shipping won't be very cheap but it will be like any other lift springs would be from any dealer or company. I will ship without a box and will tape the bushings in nice and secure(bolts will hold them in too). They are still on my Buggy but will be pulled as soon as they are sold. Or before that if I get a chance to do it. They are pretty well unused. They've been sitting for a few months with the weight of the motor on them and thats it. For half that time there was no axle under them and the truck was held up by jackstands on the frame. So basically they are brand new.

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