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    Got this in a Email today >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sale on Beadlock Wheels!

    We are having a sale on all of our Beadlock wheels as follows. $15.00 off* on each wheel you order. That’s a savings of $60.00 off on a set of 4. Sale ends February 28, 2005.

    For example:
    15x10 black beadlock, any style, any bolt pattern: $174
    17x8 black beadlock, any style, any bolt pattern: $240

    High Impact Beadlock Wheels are not cheap wheels built to a price point. They are engineered to be no compromise steel beadlocks. Our beadlocks are one of the preferred brands in rock crawling competition, unlike our competition, tires center easily on high Impact Beadlocks, and they balance properly, stay balanced, and they hold air and do not leak down over time. That is RARE in any beadlock, and when you figure these are also about as strong and reliable as you can get, well check it out.. Full technical information in our website at

    That is $15 off our already low price, as listed in our on-line catalog. Just look at the on-line catalog, and subtract an additional $15 per wheel

    Order yours today by calling 888-898-4331. We are taking orders by telephone only. The shopping cart does not reflect the sale.

    Wheels are manufactured by Allied Wheel Components, Inc.

    High Impact Wheels
    P.O. Box 2089
    Shingle Springs, CA 95682

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