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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Element, Apr 14, 2007.

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    Trying to figure out what sort of material I can use to create sort of a bed mat for my '87 K5. I ripped the interior out, and after finding a ****load of rust, I think I'm just going to leave the stock vinyl and padding out of the back, clean the floorpan of as much old paint and nasty **** as I can (all the rust is contained to the cab corners in fromt of the rear wheelwells - they're not just rusted out, they've ceased to exist), put some enamel down, and put some sort of mat in back there. I had a pretty heavy rubber bed mat in my old ZR2, and I was thinking something like that would be nice to have, until I priced some raw sheets of different types of rubber on McMaster-Carr. Sort of expensive. Thinking about getting a bed mat for a shortbed K10, something along those lines, and trimming it down to fit. Not sure of the exact dimensions, but it seems like that'd fit pretty well. Any other ideas on materials or things to use?

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