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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by adamforsythe, Dec 24, 2006.

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    Well my buddy was lefting up my bed side because when I cut the rest of my tailpan out the jack stand was not set right and it failed so the side fell about 2 inches:crazy:. Well there was rust forming around the arch and when he was picking the bed side up he created a hole. I was not going to replace them in tell like next april when it started getting warm so I can throw some paint on. But with that hole there I don't think I could live with it. hahah
    Where are some place to get bed panles? I know about LMC advane auto parts and classic parts. Any others? I'm also playing with the idea of knocking the rust out and using duck tap as a backing then putting bondo on and spray some white paint it just for now. I don't really feel like going through all the work right now.
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    Cheapest place to get patch panels in my area is "Certi-Fit"--they have a warehouse in Randolph MA,about 25 miles from where I live..they probably have warehouses up your way too..

    I have a few other local sources that carry similar panels..I usually buy them there,or at swap meets,from places in CT like Autobody Specialties(you can find them on google)...I have never bought any from LMC or J.C. Whitney,etc.

    I often just make my own patches though,from peices of other trucks I get at the boneyard,or I use galvanized duct pipe or sheet metal..depending on how anal I am about looks,I may weld or braze the patches on,or just use self drilling screws or pop rivets and some thing for certain,no matter how fussy you are,it'll be rotted again in no time !..:doah: :crazy:

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