Beefing up floorpan/future rollcage

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 78Buford, Aug 17, 2006.

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    Apr 1, 2005
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    After putting it off for over a year, I really need to beef up the floor in the Ford. I’d like to have a roll cage put in it over the winter, but there is no need to think about that until I have a beefy floor. The floor has been twisted & flexed way more than it was ever designed to. The main reason is due to removing two of the six cab mounts when I went to 42’s nearly two years ago. The rockers on the truck are very solid, as is the transmission hump…the point being there is good metal to weld to surrounding the floor pans. I have two thoughts on a way to beef it up:
    • Buy aftermarket replacement floor panels…about $40 each side. I thought I’d buy two of each side, double them up, bolt them in place, then weld around all of the seams.
    • Buy some 1/8” plate steel like Brad (6.2Blazer) did, and weld it in place of the existing floor. The only problem with this would be shaping the metal to come close to the original floor pan.
    Thing to consider #1. I want the floor to be beefy because it will still be responsible for two of the six cab mounts.

    Thing to consider #2. I also I want the floor beefy, because whenever I do have a roll cage installed, I’m pretty sure I want it bolted to the floor of the cab, not to the frame.

    Any advice? Feel free to mention potential fixes other than the two I posted above.

  2. goldwing2000

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    I say go for 1/8" diamond-plate. As long as you're a decent fabricator, you can make modifications to the design so it works with the remaining factory pieces.

    Just be sure to Rust Bullet or POR the underside.
  3. chevysmithz71

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    May 26, 2005
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    Going with the 1/8 in for me this week. Going to have to make a few bends but its better the bender 1/4. Doing the whole rust bullet also.
  4. mrk5

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    Seems like I remember reading someone put crossmember pieces across under the floor between some of the places were the cage bolts to the floor. I want to say maybe it was BadDog, but I'm not sure about that. Maybe that would be an alternative that's a little easier to do.

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