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    I put in 1/4" plywood bedsides with 2 6x9 speakers. I put fiberglass roll insulation behind them after I undercoated the bedsides. The bottoms are held in with some aluminum U-channel from Home Depot. I also used some weatherstripping to seal everything up. It really knocks down the noise level.

    I also put 2 4" round speakers in my console (which is a cheap ass hinged box I got at wally world). I did make a small enclosure for them in the box.

    I then yanked the push button radio and put in a Sony that will play MP3 files.

    I installed 2 bucket seats ($30 for the pair) that I got from a local pick a part from a 60,000 mile 96 Geo. I had to cut down the Blazer brackets with my grinder and get creative with some angle and flat stock, but they are fully functional, including the passenger seat flip mechanism.

    I got a front passenger fender for $36 at Pick-n-Pull. No rust, dents or moulding. That will take care of the only rust on the truck (<dime sized hole).

    On 01 Aug I am driving to WI to paint the Blazer. Actually I am driving up there to do some fencing and wood cutting, but I am going to spray bomb it desert sand.

    I know this post is worthless without pictures, but I have been sweating my tail off with all this work and just haven't taken any yet.

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