Belt Squealing????? HELP!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by badmix, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Welp ive got my org. alternator back on the truck with a brandnew belt. Now, anytime there is a load like aux lighting or winch, the belt squeals badly. I didnt have this problem until I put some off road lights on and a high amp alt. (which for some reason now, wont charge, reason I went back to org. but thats another issues). So my setup is the way it was b4 but now it squeals under a load. I did find the water pump had too much play at the bearings, so I put in new water pump today. I had thought and talking to ppl that too much play in the water pump would cause belt to slip,etc. But now its all new and still doing the same thing.

    I put new belts on, but they are from Discount Auto. I was thinking of goin to Napa to see if belt are better quality. What do ya'll think about this and belts?

    Also the factory alt. has some play in the shaft, front to back. Is this okay? or bad?

    I thought the pulley was glazed so I took some sandpaper and went to town on it, that did not help at all. Im at my wits end on this. I have no freakin clue. Ive got the alt. belt as tight as I can humanly pull on it. You could bounce quarters off this thing. Is there such a thing as TOO tight, I havent tried it kinda loose yet. So dunno.
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