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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by babyburb, Jan 13, 2007.

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    Talking to brother in law last night and he is selling his F150 rig. Told me he was disassembling his Cobra cb to give to me. Wait, it gets better. I am getting his Warn 9.5 winch as well. No WAIT theres more, He has an airlift brand spring bag system with compressor if I want to disassemble. SWEET BIPPY!:woot:

    Now I will have a 12000 milemarker on front and 9500 warn on back!

    A few questions if you don't mind.

    The airbags, they are coming off a 1998 F150. They should work with my stock springs, will they work with a 6 inch spring system when I lift this summer? Or will I have to make brackets for it?

    I will be going to tuff country easy ride but I often tow 7 to 10,000 lb trailers so I defianatly needed sopmething.

    Another question, when fabbing the new rear bumper, I want to keep my class 3 hitch system so I wanted to build a low profile rear bumper and maybe go to a hidden winch location maybe under the cab. Anyone else done this.

    Winch wireing. I will be adding another battery but how do I need to wire up dual batteries and two winches? Would rather keep both batteries under hood rather than in rear of cab, I am running out of room. Hi lift, accessory box, tools, liquids, ect.

    Sorry for the long thread but thanks for the help guys. If everything works right, I will go member status by this evening! Rock on.

    Who's getting iced in? :D
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    you will need some custom brackets for the bags. and check to make sure your new springs mont flex to far as to crush the bags .

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