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    Due to a snafu in the printouts for the t-shirts, I was not able to sell the extras at the BBQ. I wanted to make sure the pre-ordered and sponsor shirts went out before we sold any.

    So now that the shipping is done, I have a list for the left overs.

    You will receive payment instructions at that time. They will be on a first come, first served basis. I will not hold any. Once you receive payment instructions, you will have 24 hours to pay. If not, you will go to the end of the list. No holds. Only PayPal will be accepted for payment.

    Long sleeve... 2 - extra extra large $24 each, includes shipping

    Short sleeve... 5 - extra extra large, 1 - 3extra large, . $22 each, includes shipping

    Women's.... 1 - small, 1 - medium, 1 - extra large. $22 each, includes shipping

    kids... 1 - medium, 1 - large. $20 each, includes shipping

    I will edit the list as orders are paid for.

    To order shirts, you will need to email me at with a list of what you want.
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