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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by MrArmyAnt, Apr 26, 2006.

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    I have a new cargo idea for the back, after its built I'm sure ya'll will like it. For now I'd like to remove all the crap off the car (I haven't bought it yet, but its a friend of mine so he's not trying to sell it anymore for me :)). I would like to bed line the lower portion of the truck, as pictured, as well as an extra grill and front set of lights i have. that dorky front grill would be removed, the bottom winch (old style side winder, still works great) would be also lined black, and the front top portion of the hood. Maybe even to black racting stripes out of the stuff to carry black up the body. 14 bolt and d44 will be taken apart and cleaned, then lined, most of frame, engine, and other metal will be cleaned and black rattle canned primer. I have an extra np205 to rebuild and put in it, which will be lined, and a th400 to put in rattlecanned.

    Ya'll like the look? Protects bottom part of the car while letting it look ok...

    Also where is the best/cheapest rebuild kit for a 205? Is the th400 worth swapping in over the stock one? I know the stock tranny works, and 203 tcase, but 205 seems to be mcuh better and has 2wh. th400 may or may not work.

    Anyone know where to get a roof rack or generic roof rack for one of these?


    Blazer also has a rebuilt 350. Interior is hell. Body is pretty straight, there is a hole however in the top of the tailgate (not a ust hole, but an actual chunk of metal missing?!?!) body is pretty striaght though. Doesn't seem horrible for 1200. Will buy it as soon as I have the storage for it.

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