Buick brake problem

Discussion in 'Other Rides' started by fjleiter, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Have a 95 Buick Century with Approx 45k miles on it, recently the rear passenger side tire has been acting like the brake is locking. When I come up to an intersection it brakes fine, once I'm stopped and move forward a little (like when in traffic) the next time I hit the brakes the right rear seems to lock up (rear of car actually drops a little). When you release the brakes you hear a slight "clunk" noise and then its fine. Does not happen the first time you hit brakes or at speed. Acts almost like the wheel cylinder is building pressure and not releasing fast enough then the 2nd time you hit the brakes it locks.

    I have pulled the wheel and drum but couldn't find anything broken, no grooves in drum, brake shoes look good etc...

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