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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Madbomber88, Jul 10, 2005.

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    Where is the best place to buy a rebuilt transfer case and how much should I plan on spending?

    It's for a 91 K5, 241C with a passenger side drop. The intermediate housing casing is broken and after doing nationwide GM parts searches, talking to the folks at New Process, and searching numerous junk yards, I have found that the particular casting number I need is obsolete and was only used on a handful of trucks in 91. It mates up to the oil pump gear in a way that none of the other close casting numbers do. I have been told by numerous drivetrain shops including GM dealerships and New Process/New Venture/Magna (or whoever they are now), that I'll have to swap in another case.

    So what does everyone recommend? This is not an offroader, spends most of its life on the road.
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    no junkyard ones available??

    I'd say find a good used one and put it in! your truck a one year only design as far as the transfer case??..I think you could find one in my area,but it would probably cost mose than the usual T-case if they know it only fits one or two years..but still cheaper than a Mr.Goodwrench one... :crazy:

    There is one place listed in a trade journal we used to get at the junkyard I worked at called Kabele Truck And Auto Parts...they sell rebuilt and brand new axles(dana 60's and rears too),tranny's and transfer # is 1-800-225-6908 nationwide,local # is 1-507-856-1672..also online at ( may 2004 edition lists your case,and is priced at $895 adress is listed,sorry--I have no idea what state they are in... :crazy:

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