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Caddy 500 highway RPM question...

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by y5mgisi, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. y5mgisi

    y5mgisi 1 ton status

    Aug 11, 2002
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    Portland Oregon
    Where do these engines like to cruise at? I will have 36s and 4.10s wich i think should put me around 2500 - 2750 rpm doing 60. That seams like alot to me and it also seams like it will be suckin down the gas real hardcore like. I have a freind that has the same axels i do only his has 3.73's He would trade me but i dont know if i should. And yes im just running a th350 which i know will be on borowed time either way, but do you think 3.73's will kill it any faster than the 4.10's? I do have a bigish tranny cooler (about a 12X12 standard tranny cooler). I do drive sane but im not real easy on the throttle.
  2. RootBreaker

    RootBreaker 3/4 ton status Premium Member

    Nov 29, 2001
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    Williamstown, NJ USA
    my truck now without overdrive turns about 2500rpm's at 60mph or so..... yeah youll suck more fuel but my 1996 gmc jimmy stock turns about the same rpm's on the highway.. at higher speeds though... I just drive the truck to a comfy rpm on the highway and go with that... dont care if it is too slow for others ...they can go around... as they wont flip me off or beep at me.. cuz then I rev it out to 5000 rpms and tailgate like a mofo.... scares the shnitz outta them :cool1:
  3. moturbopar

    moturbopar 1/2 ton status

    Feb 9, 2005
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    mesa az
    Hi, I have run built a couple cad engines. Stock they dont like RPMs I would try to keep hiway rpms around 2500 rpm or lower. These engines make alot of torque down low so they dont need much gear, If you can keep the rpm low enought they get surprisingly good fuel economy. I would say run the 3.73s to lower the rpm a bit.

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