Cadillac 500, Turbo 400, Doubler and Dana 60

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    This project is not going to be competed and it is time to part it out. Shipping will be your responceability and I will try to help but I do not have the means to crate this stuff.
    I have two Cadillac 500 engines - one is a 1973 El Dorado with the rear oil sump. This engine is pictured in my WebShots album titled engine and drive line. This engine is rebuildable per the salvage yard I bught it from. The other engine is from a 1976 Coupe De Ville and has a mid oil sump. This engine came from a car I bought complete but totaled years ago. It had 65,000 miles on the car when it was t-boned in a crash. I pulled this engine complete with all brackets and accessories. I will sell these as a pair for $400.00

    The Turbo 400 (BOP) was rebuilt by a local shop with heavy duty parts and the main output shaft was replaced with a short shaft to mate to the doubler. This also has a new Hughes converter with a 1000 rpm stall. I will sell these for $600.00

    I machined the adapter from the the T400 to the NP203 and ORD rebuilt the NP203 and NP205 (Ford drivers side drop) and ground the shift rails so it can be triple sticked. I also machined the mounting bracket on the rear output of the NP205 and the mounting system that is pictured. The middle adapter for the doubler by ORD has their normal means of mounting to a conventional cross member. Both cases are clocked up level above the bottom of the frame rails. The NP 205 has Tom Woods drive line adpters on both outputs. I will sell these for $1400.00

    The Dana 60 is a drivers side drop (1979 Ford) and has a new Richmond 4.56 ring and pinion (open carrier), new bearings and seals, original inner axles and GM outer axles/spindles/hubs/rotors and new Warn premium hubs. This also has a 1.25" tie rod with new ends, I will sell this for $2000.00

    I will also sell all of the above mounted in the 1983 frame with a new military surplus 14 bolt rear axle with Detroit locker, 4.56 gears, anti wrap system, 57" Ford springs and ORD reverse shackle. The Frame also has the dropped front cross member and motor mounts completed. I will sell everything as a complete unit for $4500.00

    I am not interested in selling the 14 bolt by its self.

    Drop me a line if interested or call 520-629-8848

    See the pictures at

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