Camshaft quandreys??

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Bluekrow, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Bluekrow

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    Aug 16, 2005
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    Cedar, MI
    What type of cams are you guys running in your 350, How does your truck react different? I'm looking to change the cam in my K5 but I don't know which one to go with? Thanks for any help....
  2. RootBreaker

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    Nov 29, 2001
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    dude it is the biggest can of worms you can ever open!!!!! :haha:

    I currently have a 1991 caprice police 350...
    nothing special
    hydraulic roller cam
    cast heads
    z28 intake
    holley truck avenger
    true duals
    cant get out of its own way...

    so cam specs..
    I dont have them on me as they are at work.. but on the lift it is like
    .403 / .408

    so I am getting vortec heads Saturday.... SAWEET!!! big upgrade..
    so I called Comp Cams and they recommend the Comp Cams Xtreme 4x4 cam
    this one here

    Gross Valve Lift 0.474 0.474
    Duration At 0.006 Tappet Lift 260 264

    so anyway... well that wont work without head work.. so now I gotta work the heads im getting....

    anyhow something else the guy at the machine shop told me.. if I wanted to just put roller rockers on... 1.6 since I have stock 1.5's... that will change the max lift from .403/.408 to around .433/.438... they arent cheap but dont require the entire tear down of the motor.... :crazy:

    what to do ... what to do... :doah:

    im gonna get the heads first.. then order a intake then debate cam or rockers
  3. theperfectgarage

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    Oct 5, 2005
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    tucson arizona
    get the right cam

    I could go on & on & on about cam selection but let's cut to the chase. Call "cam help" at comp cams, tell 'em about your rig, tell 'em what you do with it ( be honest), and follow there advice. You will be amazed at what the right cam can do, but dont forget the largest gains come from well chosen combos of cam-intake- heads- headers etc. Good luck, Cary.
  4. trailblazr81

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    May 27, 2005
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    Hollister, CA
    Comp Cams is cool!!! You can call or I remember a while back getting the form off there websight and fill it out. They will then tell you what cam to get. But you need to give alot of info, like vehicle weight, gearing, manual, auto, on and on. Now Im running in my 383 a Comp Cams Extreme Energy XE274. @ .050 its 230 intake 236 exhaust with something like .490 lift. A few years ago I was running a smogger 383 in a 81 Blazer with Edelbrock Performer 400 cam, @ .050 was 214 and I dont remember the lift. For good torque and a mild motor stick in the 212-218 range. Tho with new cam technology I may be wrong. We could all be here for days discussing this. I know Lunati just came out with their new "Voo-Doo" cams, and both Comp and Lunati have "truck cams."

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