Can someone check some casting numbers for me?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mofugly13, Nov 26, 2005.

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    I tried Mortec and didnt get much. I bought a 454 from RyanB. and just got to checking the casting numbers on it. As luck would have it the info on Mortec is very vague for the numbers I have. Particularly the stamped asembly code. Here they are:

    Assembly code on boss behind alternaor: CFS743209

    Block casting # in rear where the bellhousing bolts up, driver side: 14015445

    Next to that, still on driver side: GM 1 P ,then a symbol that looks like a playing piece for trivial pursuit, CFD

    Date code, pass side, where the bellhousing bolts up: 339

    Behind the flexplate, driver side: M IV, 2, High Perf

    My heads: 14087487

    Any info beyond what I was able to find on Mortec, which wasn't much, would be appreciated.

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