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    I have hundreds of automobile brochures and flyers mostly covering GM, Ford, and Chrysler cars & trucks the bulk of which are
    within the range of 1978 to 1994. I have foreign car & truck literature, to a lesser degree, covering the same year range.
    You are welcome to contact me with requests.

    I'm going to charge a flat rate for the postage of $5. This will cover an A1 packing job to prevent bending or sliding of the brochure that could cause edge damage, the cost of the envelope, postage, gas and time and there's probably about a buck in there to cover PayPal which everybody seems to want to use.
    Just want to be upfront about that.

    As for the price of each less than $5 and no more than $15 depending on rarity and condition. Just e-mail me and I'll see if I have what you want and we can work out a price.

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