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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by TheAustrian, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Trying to figure out what installation kit I need for my 10-Bolt 8,5 in front axle. Find a lot of different installation and overhaul kits. Should I better take an overhaul kit rather then an installation kit? Actually I just want to change my gear ratio, but when I have my axles open...thinking of doing an overhaul, shouldn't be bad - right? And what is the difference between an open / posi carrier style??
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    To make it easier on you , all 10 bolts use the same size carrier for any gear ratio , and posi's were never installed up front from what we have observed documented .

    The difference is a posi carrier is designed to hold a spring and clucth pack , or other locking device , and an open carrier just holds the spider gears that allow it to be a "differential" . An open carrier allows economical locker such as the lockright to be installed easily .

    It would be a great idea if you are able to afford the complete overhaul , all hard parts and soft parts that wear out , I.E seals , bearings and such .

    Although a front does see less use as a rear . I just regeared mine with only used gears , bearings , and the only new parts were the seals and the leftover gear marking compund from the rear . I got a good pattern on the first try using the old gear setup from the axle I took the gears out of .

    Good luck , and post some pics of the truck when you finish :thumb:

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