central IL members wantitng to get rid of tires for free, read here

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    central IL
    anyone near i-55 central IL exit 123 right above springfield; on saturday(in two more days) at logan county fargrounds theres gonna be tire shredders inc over there accepting tires free, up to 1,000 per person,

    email or pm me and ill get directions how to get here for you,
    in city of lincoln, i-55, routes 10 and 121 and near US 136
    i can get you logan county fairgrounds and tire shredders inc phone numbers too

    decatur springfield bloomington champaign area, etc

    i dont think they will take the tires on rims, have to be cut off or dismounted, i always cut them off with a razor blade, its not that hard to do after a lil practice, we take the rims with the tire beads to peoria IL shredder yard, so if you have any you need to rid of then bring them here ill take them, actually any scrap/unwanted metal objects for that matter, preferably not tin though,


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