Changing from mechanical to electric fuel pump...but which fuel line???

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by coopdog, Apr 8, 2006.

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    1972 Chevy Truck, BB 454, Gas tank is behind the seat.

    I am replacing my mechanical fuel pump with a Edelbrock electric fuel pump part # 1791. The Edelbrock technician said to mount the new pump below the tank on or near the problem. However, when I removed my mechanical fuel pump I noticed that there were two fuel lines...a 3/8" line and a 1/4" line. The tech said the 3/8" line is the main fuel line and that it should go/hook up to the electric fuel pump. He then said that the 1/4" line is a return line and that I need to place a "small motorcycle fuel filter or something similar" on the end of the 1/4" return line. Is this correct? If so where do I place the small fuel filter....wouldnt this filter leak fuel out of the other end??? Can I just plug the line with a bolt and hose clamp?

    Thank you for the adivice/help in Advance.

    Semper Fi,

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    I believe he means to put a small fuel filter in the return line to the tank, not to cap it off. However, I've never heard of a filter in the return line. I checked my factory service manual and there doesn't appear to be one for mine (1990 with in tank factory electric fuel pumps).

    BTW, welcome!

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