Chasing a spring.

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    The lads at work found this funny and after a few brews I suppose it is.
    I get to work and get awarded a brand new rig with warranty work.
    13 speed gear box is puking lube from everywhere.
    I get to work and it is on the ground(I still have to raise the rig to get it out from under)
    I take it apart and reseal it and notice that there is no vent. Just a plastic plug.
    I get the tranny stabbed and am going to drop the shift tower on and notice one of the three detent springs is missing. /forums/images/graemlins/yikes.gif
    A portion of the rag covering the hole is disturbed and I cannot find the spring anywhere.
    Drain the lube and pull off the PTO covers.
    Rigs gotta run first thing in the AM.
    No sign of it.
    Look all over for it, going through the grates around the bay and such.
    Pull the top cover off with the tranny still in the rig and go searhing.
    I have to verify that the spring is not inside the tranny.
    15 minutes later I have it back out and am diggin through it's guts lookin for the gawddamn spring.
    I need a light for the mirror and duck back under to get the light and notice that the magnet attached to the handle has a detent spring on it.
    I spent nearly 3 hrs lookin for that fu5678.
    A couple of times was even holding the light in my hand with it 2 inches from my face.
    I did figure out why it was pukin lube though.

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