Chevy Colorados/GMC Canyons, pros and cons

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BayouBlazer88, Jan 11, 2005.

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    I am seriously considering getting a 05' Chevy Colorado (most likely extended cab, 4-cyl, automatic) because my blazer isnt running that great and time to work on it is something I dont have so I'd like to just get something new and put the blazer in storage until I have time over the summer to mess with it. Not to mention one of the top salesman from the local chevy dealership lives across the street from me and could probably cut me a deal plus I have about $900 in GM card credit to put down as well. So is there anyone out there who has one or knows someone with one, and what are the common perks/problems associated with them? I've been reading a lot of customer reviews on Car and Driver's website about the 04' model and overall they had mostly good things to say but the major complaint was that there was no passenger door key hole on the regular and extended cab models (and possibly the crew cabs as well). Does anyone know if this was changed for the 05' model? Not that it's a big deal, just a big inconvenience. Also a good bit of complaints about the interior, said it was too old fashioned, and a few complained of too much wind noise at highway speeds, said the door seals were not adequate. Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of these claims and if you would recommend this truck. Thanks.

    Also, about what can I expect to pay for a base model extended cab with 4cyl and automatic, not including trade in or GM credit? (MSRP is around $19500)
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    i know a few people that have the colorado and one with a canyon. and they really like them. i have taken a ride and they are comfortable on the passenger side and pretty quick with the five cylinder. the magizines complain too much about gm's interiors. no one has a better laid out gauge cluster, so i do not see why they even bring it up.

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