Chevy drive train into a '76 Jeep Wagoneer

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by kennyw, Jun 30, 2005.

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    I Found a free '76 Jeep Wagoneer that would make a great off road rig (no motor/tranny/front axle and some cut up wiring). I've got a full width leaf spring HP D44 front axle w/ 4.10 gears and full width GM D60 rear w/ 4.10 gears. I think I can get the HP D44 under it to move it home since the rig is sitting with no front axle, but rear is still under it.

    How hard would it be to put a Chevy 350 into it? Or possibly a Chevy 250 I-6 (almost the same motor mounts as the SBC)? Anyone make motor mounts for that?

    I have a Ford NP205 to run the HP D44 front axle but not sure what tranny to use. Don't think a SM465 with a 32 spline output would work well in the smaller rig? Or maybe it could? I have a hydro bellhousing for one. Otherwise I can come up with a GM TH400. I would just have to put a 32 spline input in the Ford Tcase (which I have for the SM465 or later model TH400).

    If I do this then I can keep my '86 GMC Jimmy as a nice daily driver. Just want to swap out the 350 in favor of a 6.2L for better economy and change the axles out for 3.73 gears with the 31" tires.
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    Found a bunch on first search , Auotfab has some weld in mounts for 220.00 . Theres always AA , Novak etc .

    These are only 130.00

    It isn't too hard . I was in on helping my friend with his Heep build , his is a CJ5 , 350 Chevy , th350 and the original Jeep case Dana 300 . Its a good fit in that smaller vehicle , even though the rear shaft is shorter than my arm :D

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