clicking noise in the front right

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by thezentree, Aug 15, 2004.

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    yea, my 97 yukon is making a weird clicking noise from the front right drivetrain. its not the motor, cause it varys with wheelspeed. it sounds kind of like a rock stuck in the tread.

    i just took the wheel off and looked at everything, and i cant figure it out. the brakes are clear, theres nothing stuck in the cooling vents in the rotor, theres nothing wrapped around the axle that would slap against the suspension, and theres no rock in the tread. i dont think its a CV joint because it does it in a straight line (i cant tell if it does it while turning due to tire noise) and the boots are in perfect condition. i dont think is a bearing either, because the front axletubes and pinion seals were just replaced because they were leaking, and i would imagine that the techs would have inspected the bearings for any abnormal wear.

    if im not too busy tomorrow im going to try and steal someones jackstands and take the calipers off, and spin it and see what kinda noises i get without the brakes dragging.

    im lost on this one. any ideas?

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