Clutch problems in a 72 chevy

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 300stw, Dec 11, 2006.

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    installed a new clutch setup from LUK in my 72 4x4, now the clutch pedal goes to the floor before it disengages and there is onlt 10 thousands clearance btween throwout bearing and cluth fingers, what gives, i have ran in to this problem 2 other times other trucks and other clutches. mechanical linkage
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    might be the z-bar..

    Watch the Z-bar that goes between the engine and frame bracket that is connected to the linkages from the pedal and tranny,as a helper pushes in on the clutch pedal,and see if it flexes any--.

    --I've had to weld a brace on the arm that goes to the tranny side of the linkage,to the center tube,to keep the Z-bar from bending,rather than move the linkage,and the throwout bearing!..also,many trucks in that age bracket had rotted cab mounts,and pushing the clutch pedal in resulted in movement of the CAB,instead of applying motion to the clutch linkage!..

    If that isn't the problem,then I'd guess either the pressure plate is defective,or you have the wrong throwout bearing in it..there are two styles (at least)--one is much longer ,used with a "flat" diaphram pressure plate--the shorter one is used with a "raised diaphram" and 3 finger pressure plates..:crazy:

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