Cold Starting Problem

Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by Rob 85K5, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Having a hard time starting in the mornings.

    I recently changed the lift pump and thought it was an air problem. I no longer think that is the problem after blowing black smoke (raw fuel) the other morning after cranking and cranking on it.

    I checked all but the rear passenger gp's with a test light and the all of them checked out.

    I did plug the block heater in the last few mornings and it has started on the second crank instead of the thirtieth.

    All of this leads me to the gp controller. Is there anything else to coinsider?
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    Check the remianing GP's...even one or two dead can make a difference. I have the Kennedy Quick Heats in my '83 and the stock controller. Most times it'll fire up after the first glow, but sometimes it doesn't and I just wait for them to cycle again. I'm certain it'd start on the first crank and I had a push button. The stock controller only glows them for about 4 seconds intially...5-6 seconds would be ideal IMO.

    You might try a manual set-up...or I'm pretty sure you can wire in a resistor which makes them glow a little longer.


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