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    My dad and I have a '90 K5 he baught back in Augest of 06 as a weekend wheeler. It has a 6 inch lift but stock otherwise. I have been able to wheel it once but have been trying to work out the kinks for the past 6 months. Tie rods, cooling system, shocks, new front seat, radio, bump stops, stuff that just needed to be worked on because of neglect for the past 10 years or so.

    A few of my buddies and I were on a long anticipated trip to the Tin Cup Trail near Luther Michigan. Rolling down US10 about 70 mph and bam.. left front wheel bearing gone... so I got to the nearest exit.. Coleman... I pulled into the gas station south of the freeway pulled out my floor jack and wouldn't you know it.. I blew a seal and the jack left me stranded... So my buddy in his Jeep drove me into town to the local parts store to get the bearing I needed and a new bottle jack.

    As I was pulling the 35 inch tire off a guy pulls up in a S10 blazers and offers a bit of help. We talked for a bit and come to find out he owns a couple of K5's and know's a bit about the monsters that can lurk.... So he says if we need any help he lives across the street.. That's right.. right across the street from the gas station... As I was pulling of the tire the inner bearings just fell right out. The inner diameter race was welded to the stuby hub that holds the driveshaft. What a pain in the A$$... SO I thought what could hurt, I'll go talk to my new friend Ryan that knows a bit about these Full size monsters... Turns out he has 2 K5's sitting in his back yard... One of the biggets I have ever seen... It was Orange and sat on 6 foot trackor tires. The other a yellow 88 with a six inch lift. Turns out he wasn't kidding. Ryan knew exactly what I was up against... I was only looking for a way to free that inner race from the shaft when he said your better off replacing that hub. So hear I'm thinking he has one and wants to sell it to me for an arm and a leg.. but I humor him and say let me see what you have...

    We walk in his back yard and it's like a K5 parts house... of all the luck and places in the world for me to break down... can you believe I was in the meca of K5 axles and parts. So he picked out a Corp 10 bolt and said here you go here is a hub.. I said ok how much do you want for it.. He said nothing you can have it, I have a bunch of them sitting around.. I couldn't believe how cool Ryan was.. the storys, the mods to his K5's and all the info he was able to give was greatly appreciated. I told him I needed to at least buy him a beer for his troubles. So I slipped him a 10 spot and finished the bearing install. After a 2.5 hour delay we were back on the road.

    I'm sure if Ryan had not shown up, the bearing issue would have ruined my weekend.. but instead I truely think it made it one of the most memerable trips yet.

    I never did get his last name but - Thanks again Ryan! Somthing to be said about the K5 camaraderie and midwest hospitality...

    So if you are evey near Coleman I suggest stoping by to talk to one of the coolest K5 owners out there and take a look at that monster on 6 foot trackor tires!!!

    - Out -
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    Cool beans. :thumb: Ryan sounds like a stand up guy to me.
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    Thats Brotherhood for ya!
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    sounds like destiny....what a great story.

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