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    ok so i am cleaning up a bit...
    I got a machine i use as my current server...
    case - $50
    supermicro s2dge mb - $300
    2 x piii xeon 700mhz w/2mb cache each - $160 x 2
    1gb ram (2x512mb pc 100) - $100
    elsa synergy ii 32mb agp - $50
    I forget what hard drives are in it...
    have about $1100 into it but that was a few years ago...
    lookin to get $400 for it....

    also have a dual piii 1.4 server
    1gb ram
    64mb nvidea agp card
    all in all I have $$500 into it...
    take $300 for it....

    I also have some thinkpad parts.. will list later.. got a power cord, external cdrom.. etc...

    Also have a code reader.. obdii code reader.. got it from sears for $150.. will take $100 for it....

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