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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by blazinzuk, Jun 10, 2005.

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    Okay took my steering box off tonight I the front two holes are totally destroyed (I have the weld on brace) the bottom front one pulled the spacer right through the frame. I know I need the bolt on brace but some questions first it seems that the more flex you have the worse the cracks. Is this true? I am using 58" dodge springs up front lots of flex. Second it looks almost as if the weld on plate has pulled away from the frame a little should I cut it off heat it up and pound it into submission( it fit like crap when I got it)and weld it back on? Also would it be worthwhile to weld a thick washer (I will cut it out of 1/8" plate) to the back side of the frame. I can't afford to go Hydro assist so I want to do everything I can do to strengthen the frame here, I also can't afford really to buy the brace so I will build my own. Any suggestions or criticism is welcome
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    Heres my two cents.

    steering is the only part of my rig where I don't want to go cheap.

    I'm into my hydro for $100, which is EVERYTHING.

    and with soft springs and big tires hydro is just that much better.

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