converted to serpentine setup on a BBC and now have a few issues

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Leadfoot, Nov 2, 2005.

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    1.) My alternator does not charge.

    I bought the plug from Painless wiring that adapts from the new style alternator to the old style harness. I have one thick gauge red wire going to the terminal and plug (12 v battery source) and one thinner gauge white wire (what does that go to and is there a test to see if it works). The ignition works fine and the truck runs, but it does not charge. Alternator is a new AC Delco unit (I'm going to have it tested this weekend).

    2.) My fan shroud does not work anymore. I looked at a newer (91) truck and the radiator/fan shroud is different and don't THINK it will fit. I could go electric $$$ but was hoping to avoid that. Any suggestions?

    Also, anyone have any old BBC valve covers they want to part with cheap?
    I want to cut up a set for valve adjustments, so the cheaper/older the better.


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