converting from '88 small alternator over to 87 or 86 older common large alt ?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by R72K5, Jul 18, 2005.

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    as everyone already knows the 88 alternator case size shrunk- compared to the earlier 80s and older ones, and the alt case wires plug changed design also,

    other than converting the wiring plug to old style and swapping pullies, is there anything else to change or swap in order to go from the later small alt to older large alt ?

    i need to dump the serpt alt on the 88 and put one of these large alts on it that i have laying around and soon, the 88 alt is making growling noises and such its losing bearings or something i think its an autozone re-crap one, its not very old as it looks like brand new

    need to do soemthing ASAP like tomorrow, and im not gonna go spend on another one when i have a bunch of perfectly good older alts laying around and wiring harness piles too,,


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