cooked my starter motor, now what?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by K5dreamer, Dec 3, 2006.

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    lookin for my CUCV guru's out there.

    i started the truck up today, and was a moron. it was making a loud... cant even desribe it, noise that it normally dosnt make, but it didnt sound mechanical so i wasnt worried, figured it was a belt or something and it would go away. i drove it about a mile to my friends house, the sound abruptly went away, then came back. i shut the motor off, and the sound went away. i went to start it back up again, and nothing.

    popped the hood, and had grey smoke coming from the passenger side of the engine, and heard an electrical crackling, the key wasnt even in the ignition, and the starter motor was just hemoraging smoke. i thought it was gonna burst into flames. had my fire extinguisher handy. and the only way i got it to stop was to dissconnect the batteries.

    also, i dont know if this was a military thing, but there is a heavy duty on/off switch connected to the batteries, ive turned it off before, and nothing happend, and this time, i turned it off, and the horn went off, which was unexpected.

    so heres what i think happened, for some reason when i started the truck the gear on the starter never retracted, and as i drove the truck, i spun the hell out of the starter motor and burned it up causing a short.

    in any case, i need to know what part number to get on this truck. with the military 12/24 volt system i dont think its the factory starter, so where do i get a replacement starter?
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    It is a 24V starter ... they show up on Ebay now and again. Past that I can't help you, as I've not had to replace mine yet. I figger if either of the goofy alternators or the goofy starter go on mine I'll have them re-done locally, unless I can find new mil ones.

    -- A

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