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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 1979jimmy350, Aug 31, 2006.

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    does anybody know where i would be able to sell a bunch of cores, i have brake parts ,trans, AC pumps etc, the junk yards won't give me dime for any of it, are the componies that buy cores up?
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    Maybe try to contact Reman or A-1 Cardone? :dunno:

    Or maybe post a list of what you have on here and hope somebody needs something?
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    yes--there are..

    Threre is places in my area that buy cores from the general public..I have a bunch of starters and alternators I should "cash in",they are not worthy of being put back on anything due to corrosion and the bearings are getting rough ...they might be worth only 5-10 bucks each--but thats better than the "ton" price for scrap!..(its 100 a ton here now,it fell from 110 a few weeks ago)...

    But some core buyers will only deal with large volume sellers like'll have to search google,or the yellow pages for one in your area..and see if they'll buy from an individual...

    I learned the hard way to always try selling stuff as CORES,rather than "scrap"...I junked two blown TH350 4x4 tranny's at a scrapyard last year----got only 6 bucks for each one!---I later learned I could have gotten 50-75 bucks for them at the "core" place--the guy said "just the 4x4 tailshaft is worth 40 bucks to the right person now"...same with the huge catalitic converter I "scrapped" for 15 bucks last year--now it would bring 80 bucks,at a "core" company!..:eek1: :doah: :mad:

    Dodge Cravan automatic tranny's now have a 100 dollar core charge,due to the fact 90% of them chuck the spider gear pin thru the case when they pop!..I made 100 bucks yanking one out of one my friend was going to send to the crusher--of course it took a day of hard labor,and 10 bucks worth of gas to get it to the core buying place--but 90 bucks ain't a bad days pay,tax free!..:D

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