Crack yard dealing.....

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by supersize75k5, Aug 16, 2006.

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    Feb 3, 2004
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    gilbert az
    well after decideing to go to blazer bash, and also not wanting to rush the buggy I desided to take the 86 to to utah in october and drive it there,

    then i remembered that my 1/2 toms with 3.73's and 37 inch boggers will kill me with a turbo 350..

    so I looked on craigslist and found a sm465/205 combo, the guy had it for 500 bucks a couple weekes ago and slowly had dropped his price to 300.00

    i called him, said if he would take 250.00 i would come pick it up.. so NATEINCHANDLER and I went and it checked it out but could not locate the shifter:doah: and spent an hour in the dark with no light, finaly we did use a 30 foot cord and a cealing lights to look around! A mean looking guard dog folowing us around too:crazy: the whole place was trashy as hell, he even wanted to drag the tranny and t-case though the house to avoid having to open his gate:eek1: bugs and ants all over the place roaches and all... to put it lightly my girl friend didn't want to let go:haha:

    while there I also noticed a really really clean late 80's core suport with the grill, lights and trim stil on it as well as a tuffy cargo box that fits behid a jeep wrangler rear seat,

    offered him 20.00 for the whole grill/core/head lights, lower valance and trim... he said yup:D

    then offered 10 bucks for the jeep storage box... he said..yup:D

    then since he could not find the shifter got him to take 250.00 for everything...:D

    then while loading it up there was the damn shifter, he still took just 250.00 as well:bow:

    so for 250.00 I got my set up, my 86 was already a manual before so the pedals and such are already there, I even saved my old drive shaft that I had in when I had the same combo in there:bow: it will be an easy swap!

    the lower valance I needed as well as the trim for the core support, what a good deal for once, even after food and drinks and gas, still was less than the 300.00 he wanted for it:D

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    I've met a few of those types before. A little cash can go along ways. I just make sure I go a long ways away as soon as I got what I wanted. :wink1:
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    New Hamp-shi-ah
    I've met them too. People get dissapointed by me when I wont let them walk over me, $10.00 for a core support with grill etc is REDICULOUS. Of course you are in AZ so rust free isn't a big deal there. Here in NH it most certainly is... Good going!
    Just like the guy who bought the pissant this weekend for 16K. Down from 20K. I would have let him walk out the first time he tried. I've been a salesman since day one, and I'd rather make $$ then friends. If he was willing to haggle for 1.5 hours (or 30-45min for that) you can tell he *WANTS* that specific one, for whatever reason, even if he walks out he'll come back (still haggling) but you can just sit back and say "dayum, boss says he wants $18,500".

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