CS144 swap question

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by randy88k5, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Since Im going to be running a lot of electrical accessories, I decided the old 12SI alternator (Lester 7294 (94A)) would not cut it anymore.

    I am doing the 12SI to CS144 (Lester 8112 (140A)) swap. I bought an ACDelco resistor harnass adapter from the C to the CS plug, as I knew the previous owner had changed the C plug before (and a pretty bad job of it too), and I coudnt see the resistor, so I figured it was discarded.

    Well, as I was about to do some rewiring, I found the resistor, it is on the wire that goes from the alternator to inside the cab (i believe, as it was hidden in the plastic sheath).

    Is it okay to run the resistor adapter anyway? If its not, can I run it until I can get the correct part (about a week at the most)?

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