Cummins in '93 C30 info

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Diesel Dan, Aug 3, 2005.

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    This is for kennyw's question in the diesel forum.

    Your NV4500 will not accept a dodge/cummins input shaft without modifcations. The input bearing retainer is too small in the '92-95ish GM NV4500s. Also the two upper bolts will fit a cummins bellhousing but the lower ones will not. I've been down this road, worked on installing a 5.9B Cummins in a '93 K2500 ext cab about year and a half ago. Best bet would have been going with a remain NV4500 for a dodge/cummins with GM output shaft. Around '95 GM went with the larger input bearing retainer, so the trans shops told me.
    I still have the bellhousing, flywheel and NIB clutch kit from that project.

    Heard of a web site that offered motormounts for that conversion however I didn't save it :doah: .

    Another thing I thought would be cool was using a stock dodge intercooler with a single headlamp core support. The single headlamp support had enough room between the headlamp buckets for the in/out lets.

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