Custom Exhaust 69-72 (maybe later to??)

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by AlwaysBlazinII, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Very nice custom exhaust for 350 Blazer. I had it on my '70 but it may fit later models. Not sure if the crossmember etc, is the same. Here's what you get:
    2 Like new coated FlowTech Headers (look polished)
    2 Like new polished MagnaFlow Mufflers
    all Piping 2 1/2" custom bent over/under design (VERY clean)
    2 turndowns kicked off at an angle under the truck

    I only drove my truck twice w/ this exhaust on it then swapped out the motor only to find out later that I couldn't use the headers w/ angle plug heads. :doah: $550 down the drain....or is it?? Make me an offer. You won't be disappointed. Everything's practically new, it's respectably quiet until you jump on it, then it sounds like pure evil.

    Only blemish is on the driver's side header. I put a pneumatic dent in one of the tubes trying to make the 1 plug that didn't fit work. (:doah: again) Doesn't hurt anything, and it's hard to notice. Email me for pics.

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