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D-60 and D-44 8 lug conversion question

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by DUKSRULE, Sep 15, 2005.


    DUKSRULE 1/2 ton status

    Nov 25, 2001
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    Va Beach Va
    D-44 Question
    -Can you convert any D-44 over to 8 lug? For example, could you take a D-44 out of an old Bronco and put GM 8 lug outers on it? I am looking to put some bigger axles under my Jeep and don't want to go complete full width.

    D-60 Is there a site that lists the different widths of D-60s? Again, looking for something that doesn't stick out a foot on the Jeep.

    I have already blown a Super D-35 and a Ford 8.8 in the back of the Jeep so it is time to go big.


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