D44 Crossover Trail Fix *FYI*

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Hossbaby50, May 31, 2004.

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    This goes along with my other D44 crossover post somewhat. As you may have read I sheared off 2 of the steering arm studs flush with the knuckle surface. Once this happens you are dead in the water. This is how you can fix it.

    There are 2 possible methods. (I am sure there are more but these are the easiest)

    Fix #1:

    Convert back to standard steering like I did.

    The Ford #1104 arm and the 2wd sector shaft make this easier. You pull the pitman arm and rotate it 90* to line up with the standard Chevy steering style. The 2wd sector shaft is full splined so it make this possible. Then install the stock (or raised) steering arm and stock draglink. Your in business.

    Note #1: My first attempt my draglink was to long and when I tried to steer left I bent the draglink at the center collar. Thankfully I had a second spare draglink with me.

    Note #2: The Ford #1104 arm is designed for TRE's and so is the stock Chevy steering arm. Stock draglinks have 1 TRE and 1 DLE. DLE's will not seat fully in TRE holes. Mine seated enough to get me home. The solution is to get another TRE end and replace the DLE in your stock draglink with a TRE so you have TRE's on both sides.

    Note #3: If you have alot of trail left to run to get to normal roads you may want to ratchet strap you axle to the frame limit axle travel. The TRE's won't be at a great angle and you will risk destroying a TRE and be back to being dead in the water.


    Fix #2:

    This is what I will do next time.

    Pull the crossover arm off. Drill the proper hole in the rest of the stud. Use an EZ out to remove it. Install new studs or bolts. Drive on.

    You will need to have On Board air or a DC to AC converter that will run a drill with you. You will also need the proper size bit and EZ outs to get the studs out. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a 9/16" fine thread tap with you too incase you booger up some threads during the removal.

    I had everything but the EZouts with me. I purchased EZ outs this morning and put them in my truck so if it happens again I will be prepared.

    Both fixes are dependent on you carrying the proper tools and spare parts. There are also dependent on carrying the replacemnt studs (or bolts), and conical washers. You may loose a washer if you break the stud and don't realize it right away. I lost one. I am now carrying the equipment and parts to go both Fix routes.


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