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    Here's the deal...

    I have an '83 DRW D60 in which I posted a "want to trade" in the forum for SRW bearing hubs for the DRW hubs I have.
    This front has 3.73 gears and everything is good. I'm planning to pack the bearings after I find SRW hubs and will turn the rotors down before installing them.

    On the 14FF, its out of an late 70's 3/4 ton so it would bolt right in under your K5, 10, or 20. I'm planning to get new rotors and swap the drums out to disc brakes. It will have brand new rotors, calipers, pads, brackets and rubber flex lines.

    I will throw in the front and rear u-bolt plates. Both sets are the correct items to bolt these axles in.

    I will be asking $1500 for everything listed above. I will not, however, have them ready to go as I will need to find the SRW bearing hubs first. I also need to pull the D60 out from under the truck its in.

    This post is to test the waters and see if anyone is interested and will bite. If someone wants them, I will get busier on finding the SRW hubs and getting everything built.

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