D60 High steer + 1" forward problem?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mechted, Apr 15, 2007.

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    From NWF site: "Standard Hi-Steer can cause interference issues between the draglink and tierod when the axle is relocated forward from stock approx ~2" in some applications"

    I FINALLY have my D60 under the blazer, only to discover that the front driveshaft is just barely too long to bolt up. I dont want to spend any $ on that shaft, as I will be changing to a th400/np205 setup at some point (6 to 12 months). I bet if I took all the wieght off the axle, I could bolt it up, but when I put it back on, it would bottom out the slip shaft and bind.

    So my first thought is to move the D60 1" forward... but that may create an issue with my NWF highsteer setup... right now, with axle in stock location, when turning to the left, the draglink and tierod come within an inch of each other... if I move the axle forward, im worried they will hit, does anyone know the answer? According to that quote from NWF, i might be okay? but does anyone know?

    This is on a 73 K5, with ~4" of lift, 396/th350/np203 drivetrain

    and yes, I know one solution is to remove the front shaft until i either get fed up and spend money on it or install the new tranny/tcase
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    I've got an ORD Highsteer setup on a D60 with a 1" forward axle position.

    The pitman arm hits the tierod (barely) under compression....not terrible, but not ideal either.

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