damn fords (HELP)

Discussion in 'Other Rides' started by adamforsythe, Apr 22, 2005.

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    Oct 16, 2004
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    My friends 1995 F-150 with the 300 I6 engine is starting to piss me off. He called me up about two days ago saying his trunk wont start. So I got in my blazer went over to him. When I got there the ttruck would only click when your try to start it. Well i though ok his starter is gone. So I towed him home. The next day I got to work on changing out the starter Solenoid. Well I got that all done so when my friend got out of work he got in it and started it right up. Well I told him to shut it off and start it a few times. So he shuts it off and click. So I took every wire connection off and cleaned them again. Then I broke the Ignition Relay Solenoid So I replaced that and still nothing. I even tryed jumping the truck. There is power to the starter.
    Please help.
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    Maybe ignition switch or wiring gremlin ????

    Wifes old Nissan ( glad its gone ) wouldn't start sometimes , faint click . Had my buddy do the starter for me while the wife and I carpooled . Nwe battery , good connections , new battery terminals etc .

    It would still do the same , like your buddies truck .

    When we traded the car in we crossed our fingers and it did start up for the salesman to take to the back of the lot , aftre we signed it was releif for us LOL :D

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