Dana 44 rebuild

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Goose, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Trying to decide if its worth it to rebuild my dana44hd.
    It ran low on gear oil and ruined a pinion bearing.
    Today I pulled the whole axle, put it on stands and pulled it all apart to furth inspect.

    1)Both the carrier bearings are bad. Plus, one of the carrier bearing fell off in my hand. Looks like it was turning on the carrier.
    2)May need new carrier because of it?? Anybody know for sure?
    3)The pinion bearings are shot, just like I know.
    4)Plus, the outer pinion bearing was seized to the pinion and galled it bad pulling it off. So may need new pinion gear, which would require new ring gear. grrr.
    5)It got hot enough to ruin the pinion preload shims. So I have no clue what was supposed to be in there.
    6) Its an open diff, and one of the spider gear shims is about to fall out. So I assume I"ll need to reshim those.
    7)Needs new ball joints.
    8)New seals throughout.
    9)Haven't inspected wheel bearings yet...

    So...Do I try to rebuild this thing, find a used D44, or what??
    Thinking maybe selling my 8 lug outers to offset some costs.
    Or maybe getting a 6 lug D44, and putting my 8 lug outer on it.

    Don't really know what way to go with this thing.
    BTW, It's going into my K30 I plan on selling as soon as it's running again.

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