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    I am going to take out my dash to make a new one for my truck. the only thing on the speed/fuel cluster i am going to use is find the wires going to the gas gauge. Is it going to matter that the rest of the wires re just unplugged behind the dash that i make? There are an after market gauge set under the dash i will move to put in the new one. I thought that i heard someone say that if the amp gauge is not hook up the battery will not charge? I have not looked at a print to see if that looked true or not. Is it? I saw in anther post where he used 1"square tubing and welded in a frame and then just mounted sheet metal to it. Any advice before i start in a week or two? Even though this is a dd i am not worried about the speedometer because it hasn't worked since i bought the truck over 3 years ago.

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