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Dash swap *vent post*


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Nov 21, 2000
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So I spend all day yesterday swapping out the dash of my 92k2500 since the old dash was cracked and beat up.

Talk about neglect. The P.O moved the coolant low light, GM uses 1231231231231231231 screws to hold on a dash that still squeeks from time to time, a farkin 3 piece radio system.

Then what do I find but a frankenstein setup of wires under the dash. /forums/images/graemlins/angryfire.gif. Worse yet, it looks like it was done by GM, for a GM alarm system.

Included are a variety of switches with wires that go no where.

RAndom little buttons that do yet more unknown stuff.

Random GM- ness- The Dash of a 95 k1500 gas and a 92 k2500 diesel do not share the same dash display harness. Hence forth needed to do a little plastic cutting.

More random GM-NESS: In order to get the harness ina nd otu, you must disconnect the air hoses as well behind the dash. of course, do to both at the same time requires a surgeon capable of cortortions.

Ok, I think thats enough ranting for now.
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