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What Motor Should I Build

  1. 383 Stroker or 400

  2. 350

  3. 305

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  4. 4.3

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  1. senatorwoodhouse

    senatorwoodhouse 1/2 ton status

    Jan 22, 2005
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    des moines, IA 50311
    So as trucks grow and gain mileage, it comes a time in a Truck's life to be refitted with a rebuilt motor. My daily driven '81 K5 305 TH350 1/2 ton axles (stock, not exactly sure what gears) 33" Wild Country's. So my 305 is growing a little tired. I have already rebuilt the tranny. This truck is my daily driver, does some hauling and (needs to be more) wheeling. The most important things to me for building my motor are #1 fuel economy #2 torque. I do not need to be able to shoot off of the line like a rocket. All I want to be able to do is pull a load when I have to, and get there with a decent mpg. Now what I am excited to hear about...

    What motor should I get and why??? What kind of numbers (mpg, torque, hp)do/did you get with your vote?

    383 Stroker



    262 (4.3) :crazy:

    Hmmmmm, what about a diesel?

    Fuel Injection is possible but I would prefer not to go that route. I like my simple carb :D

    I know a lot of people are going to ask why the f#$k would you build a 4.3? Well I never even considered it until I started reading

    full story

    I kinda doubt I would build a 4.3 or another 5.0, rather go for a 350 but I was wondering if anyone would have some words of wisdom.

    Yeah I just thought of putting a diesel in, sooooooo I dont think i can edit the voting, so I think I am going to delete this post

    Thanks for your input!!!!!! :bow:
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  2. blazinzuk

    blazinzuk Buzzbox voodoo Premium Member GMOTM Winner

    Dec 20, 2002
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    Afton / Star Valley Wyoming
    Doesn't really matter which one you build you can get good mileage out of all of them just concentrate on the whole package, like theres no point in running headers if you are gonna run it through a stock exhaust system. Stuff like that. Spend money on good heads and if you have enough have them worked by a pro by good headers a better ignition system good intake and find someone local who can tune your carb after you are done with the build I really don't think you would pay that much of a mileage penalty with the bigger motors so my vote is for a 400 or 383, both with 6" rods.
  3. neverendingproject

    neverendingproject 1/2 ton status

    Jul 24, 2005
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    Tulsa, OK
    go look at something like gm's 383 ht motor. in a bigger vehicle, torque is essential. numbers are good and all, but big motors make big torque, with the right cam of course. in a 4x4 you will want off idle torque on demand. you wont be running trails at 5000 rpm. 350 383 and 400 are all good torque producers. try to get the vortec heads, as they make lots of torque, and do so with relativly no modifications. so there you go.
  4. 1977k5

    1977k5 1 ton status Vendor

    May 26, 2003
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    I have a 383 with vortec heads, roller cam (276/284 gross duration), Q-jet, etc (DD2000 says 434hp and 470tq). I'm running one ton axles (i.e. the truck is getting heavy), 37's, 4.56 gears, and an SM465 (no overdrive). I turn about 3300 RPM at 80 mph and get almost 15 mpg on the highway, maybe 11 or 12 around town. My mileage has not really dropped any since I had the 350 in the Blazer, so if you can afford it I think a 383 is the way to go. Too many issues to deal with on a 400, 383's aren't as expensive as you think!
  5. steve_kibbe

    steve_kibbe 1/2 ton status

    Feb 4, 2004
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    Spartanburg, SC
    You didn't put a diesel in the poll, soooo

    #1 diesel

    A diesel will get you the best mpg. If you think about pricing a new motor, finding a used 6.5 TD will be same or less$$$$

    Torque and throttle response is great :D

    #2 383

    I agree with 38377k5 :o

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