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die hard battery

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Big GMC truck, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Big GMC truck

    Big GMC truck Registered Member

    Aug 23, 2005
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    My die hard weather handler battery doesn't like to start my K1500 305 truck when the outside temperature is below 45F. Has anyone else experienced problems with die hard batteries?:mad:
  2. 1-ton

    1-ton 1/2 ton status Premium Member

    Apr 17, 2004
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    Las Vegas, Nevada
    I think Die Hard batteries are overpriced. I can go to Autozone, and get a DuraLast battery, which is the same exact battery as a Die Hard, with the same warranty, and for $20 less. I think the current manufacture of the Die Hard and Duralast line of batteries, is one of the better quality (johnson Controls [I think]) battery manufactures (as far as standard passenger batteries go).
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2005
  3. diesel4me

    diesel4me 1 ton status Premium Member

    Jul 24, 2003
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    only 3 major brands??

    I think Sears and Die-Hards are over rated too..plenty of batteries as good or better than a Die-Hard for less money out there..I see just as many Die Hards in the core piles as any other brand....many people just buy them because they can charge it on their Sears card!--or the wife has a dead battery while she was at Sears..:rolleyes: ..

    I've heard while working in auto parts stores for 20+ years,that there is only 3 major battery manufacturers..Interstate,Johnson Control Industries,(who make "Ever Start" for Wal-Mart,and the Die Hard)--and Exide...lately the "Optima" and a few others have sprung up..all the other brands are local offshoots of the top 3..

    I've seen "Eastern" batteries,"Gaurdian","Pilgrim",and many other "unknown" brands..all can be good or crap..a lot depends on how long they sit before being sold..and how many plates are in them..

    I've had a few batteries ,I think "Gould" was the brand..they were some other sort of construction,had cadnium and some other type of plates instead of the usual lead/acid type ..they were long lasting and very powerful..haven't seen them around for a few years though..

    I used to buy new batteries,but since being unemployed a lot lately,I've been buying some from junkyards for 15-25 bucks..I was amazed at the number of batteries they just leave in late model wrecks,or stack like cordwood in a truck body,where 90% Of them sit until they are junk!...

    I've bought several high dollar Die-Hards,Duralast Gold,and the Wal-Mart "Extreme" ones for 25 bucks that were less than a year old..its a gamble ,but at least if they don't hold a charge,they will swap you for another within 30-90 days..

    One thing I learned is never buy the 29.99 specials at Wal-Mart or Parts stores,no matter who's brand it is..they have barely any plates in them..pick one up,its like a feather compared to a more expensive one the same size!--you can only crank a V8 over about 12 good spins with one of those before it croaks..

    I usually go for the 5 year or more gauranteed ones that run from 50-70 bucks..those cheap ones might be ok for a 4 banger,but a six or eight cylinder needs a GOOD battery...I've had good luck with marine deep cycle/starting batteries in trucks too...:crazy:
  4. beater_k20

    beater_k20 Banned

    Dec 9, 2003
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    Elkhart, IN
    AC Delco 78DT-7YR something like 850CCAs, dual terminals (top and side) and a 7 year warranty. i've got them in all 3 of my trucks.
  5. HarryH3

    HarryH3 1 ton status Author

    May 31, 2000
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    Georgetown, TX
    The last Die Hard that I bought had to be warranteed out 3 times in 4 years. Of course, each time was just 1 to 3 months outside of the "free replacement" period. When the 3rd one died, I took all of the receipts to Sears and showed them how I had actually paid for TWO batteries in that time, due to their pro-rated warranty and made them give me a refund.

    That was just over 7 years ago. The Duralast Gold that I put in the truck at that time is still going strong. :cool1:

    BTW, the Everstart Maxx at Walmart has a sticker on it that says it's manufactured by Exide.
  6. jekbrown

    jekbrown I am CK5 Premium Member GMOTM Winner Author

    May 19, 2001
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    Vancouver, WA, USA
    I have had a DieHard Gold battery in my K5 for... uhhh... well, pretty much since I bought it in 1996. That thing has never let me down. I left it at the airport for 5 days with the lights on once... took some chargin' but it recovered just fine. Not sure if you guys are using the el-cheapo Sears and having probs or what, but the DHG has done me right. They go on sale once or twice a year.


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